4 Ways To Overcome Creative Block When Making Music

4 Ways To Overcome Creative Block When Making Music

If you love making music, you know what it feels like to struggle with creative blocks. It’s just one of those days. You can’t help but stare at your computer screen all day without getting any creation done. You feel tired, uninspired and want to give up.

But don’t lose hope just yet. Here’re 5 practical ways to beat creative block and refill your creative juices:

Change Your Environment

Instead of locking yourself in bedroom, get out of that building. Go outdoor to invite inspiration. Find nearby coffee shops, co-working spaces or public library where you can sit comfortably and make music.

You don’t need a lot for your remote studio setup. Just get a laptop, headphones, MIDI controller or music apps – and you’re ready to rock.

Map Out Your Song Structure

Planning a structure for your tracks can prevent yourself from hitting creative block. Before throwing in any random melodies on your DAW, try to visualize the whole structure for your track at the beginning.

For example, most EDM tracks can be broken down into 5 main parts:

  • Intro
  • Breakdown
  • Build up
  • Drop
  • Outro

Then, list out the types of instruments, loops, vocals and synths you want to include at each part of the song structure. Write it down. Get organized and creativity will flow easily.


Unexpected ideas and inspiration tend to occur easily when you collaborate with other musicians. Go beyond your own style. Find someone you can share musical taste with and create something new. You will also gain new insights from how others work through their creation process.

Remix & Cover

When you get stuck at your music projects, try to express your work through other formats. If you run out of juice when making original tracks, do something else. Make a remix for a song that inspires you. Perform an instrumental cover for the artists you admire. Sing an acapella version.


If nothing works, take a break. Relax, meditate and travel. Because we know we can’t force inspiration. Music should be something you enjoy creating when you’re in the mood to create.

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